This summer, holidaymakers in Kuusamo will know the best tips for their holiday from the OLO Guide. The guide can be met by appointment, e.g. In Oulanka National Park or at the top of Ruka. OLO Guide will help you plan your holiday.

OLO Guide want to listen to your holiday dreams and offer ice cream to you. Accordingly, the guide will give you advice about suitable activities, the best local products and the most beautiful nature trails in Kuusamo.

OLO Guide is a local sage who is happy to share the hidden gems that she also recommends to her friends and relatives visiting Kuusamo. He or she, will guide you to find services that you are happy to use yourself and that are responsible and aims to be sustainable.

Book an appointment with OLO Guide on top of Rukatunturi, to Konttainen or to Juuma, the startingpoint for the Little Bears Trail. OLO Guide is waiting for you in your chosen destination and helps you to find the best holiday tips, services, products and things to do in Kuusamo!



The OLO guide is waiting for you at the agreed time at the top of Rukatunturi at the top station of the VillageExpress skilift. You can also choose to hike the Rukatunturi outdoor route up or cycle along the cycling trail to the top or take the VillageExpress skilift up. You can choose to get down with the Ruka’s summer toboggan run for the the skilift ticket.



Meet your OLO guide at the car park to Konttainen the agreed time. You walk to the top of Konttainen together with the OLO Guide. The Konttainen nature trail is part of the Big Bears Trail and offers great views over Kuusamo. This is a nature attraction that all visitors to Kuusamo must see.



The OLO guide is waiting for you at the starting point of the Little Bears Trail in Juuma village at the agreed time. Together, you will continue your journey towards Myllykoski, one of the finest rapids in Oulanka National Park. After meeting the OLO guide, you can continue the trail along the Little Bears Trail or just take a shorter hike into the amazing Jyrävä waterfall.