OLO Tribe is a new travel tribe created by two tourism companies from Kuusamo. It is a tribe that want to share the local services and stories with you. Book the OLO Guide or tell us with the holidayplanner your holiday dreams. OLO Tribe will help you make the best out of your holiday in Kuusamo. 

OLO Tribe Small Groups


OLO Tribe like to work in small groups, because we want to ensure your safety, be adjustable and give you a personal experience

OLO Tribe Environment


OLO Tribe choose to work in favour of sustainable travel, as well as for the wellbeing of the community. OLO Tribe uses local services and products.

OLO Tribe Guides


OLO guide is a local person, who can tell you about Kuusamo and its pearls and suggest activities that suits you!

OLO Tribe

Rukatunturi, Kuuamo Finland

OLO Tribe Creators:

My Trail Finland

Outdoor Passion Finland